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Endoscopic Equipment

We Manufacturer and Exporter Endoscopic Equipment to our clients across the country. We deal in Endoscopy System, Endoscopic Lithotripter, and Endoscopic Forceps. We keep in mind the quality of material used in Endoscopic Equipment as the equipment goes inside the body, we take due precautions to avoid any reactions. With the help of flexible endoscope a digital camera is located at the end to transmit an image through an electronic cable on the monitor. The Endoscopic Equipment helps detect the exact problem the patient is suffering from.

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Multiple Band Ligator

The Multiple Band Ligator manufactured by us is used for large endoscopic viewing. Multiple Band Ligator can be made available in single and double thread options as per the requirement of the client. The device is supplied is in a non-sterile state and should be disposed after one use. Multiple Band Ligator is made from


Endoscopy System

Endoscopy System is an illuminated, fiber optic instrument used for seeing the interior of an organ or body part. The Endoscopy System is mainly used for the purpose of diagnosis. Endoscopy System has many channels to enable passage of the instruments.

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Endoscopic Lithotripter

Endoscopy Lithotripter used for the visualization of problem in the urinary tract. The Endoscopy Lithotripter helps in the fragmentation of the stones in the tract in pieces that can be easily extracted or passed. Endoscopy Lithotripter is majorly used to operate on obstructive or large stones.

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Endoscopic Forceps

Endoscopic Forceps are surgical products used to grab and pull out the stones or impurities from the body. The Endoscopic Forceps manufactured at Endoline Proscope Systems are made of good quality material to avoid any kid of infection. The Endoscopic Forceps are well sterilized before use.

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ERCP Baskets

ERCP Baskets manufactured by Endoline Proscope Systems are as per the standard norms of medical science. ERCP Baskets are available in two different basket sizes of 50mm and 60mm are made of 4 wires. The ERCP Baskets are used for diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic ductal systems.

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Triple Lumen Sphincterotome

Avail from us Triple Lumen Sphincterotome in variety of cutting lengths of 20, 25 and 30 mm. Triple Lumen Sphincterotome manufactured at Endoline Proscope Systems is available in packs of 5. Triple Lumen Sphincterotome can also be made available in various cut options as per the requirement of the client.


Esophageal Stent System

Esophageal Stent System manufactured at Endoline Proscope Systems is self-expandable in nature. As the Esophageal Stent System is covered by membrane layer, it avoids the in growth of tumors. Our Esophageal Stent System is available in various lengths to suit the requirement of the client.

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Dilator Set

The Dilator Set is used for detection and treatment in the upper digestive tract. Dilator Set is made of medical macromolecule material with proper rigidity making it neither too hard nor too soft to use. The head of Dilator Set has a sign for visualization through X-ray. Dilator Set is made of nickel titanium alloy