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Dilator Set

Dilator Set

The Dilator Set is used for detection and treatment in the upper digestive tract. Dilator Set is made of medical macromolecule material with proper rigidity making it neither too hard nor too soft to use. The head of Dilator Set has a sign for visualization through X-ray. Dilator Set is made of nickel titanium alloy making it easy to use on the interior to avoid injuries.

Use :
  • Detection and treatment in the upper digestive tract

Characteristics :
  • Made up of medical macromolecule material, with proper rigidity, neither too hard, nor too soft
  • It dilates easily and won't bring too much wound with the very smooth anterior tapper
  • The head end has the sign of visualization for X-ray
  • With very smooth and nice surface
  • Equipped with nicked-titanium ailoy super-eiastic guidewire


Type 0.0. (mm) Length (mm) Characteristics
JHK 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 850 Each Set is equipped with 6 dilators and I guidewire, With sign Of visualization under X-ray and sign of calibrations